zerstreuung und b├╝ndelung II / TimeTurnTables I

o.t. gs11
o.t. gs8
o.t. gs9
o.t. gs10
o.t. gs1
o.t. gs2
o.t. gs3
o.t. gs4
o.t. gs6
o.t. gs7
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Dispersion and bundling

The series of drawings stands characteristically for the current examination of changing perspectives. The play of powers and scenarios of conflict such as; chaos vs. order, concentration vs. dissolution, destruction vs. construction, standstill vs. movement, ask to be retained. Perceptions condense to become an instant in time, a timeslot for potential expression.

Dimensions: 50 x 70cm


Ink on paper

Year: 2015

Manuela Kiss | Atelier: R├╝digergasse 8, 1050 Wien | Phone +43 699 120 16 839 | Mail kiss@kissmanuela.com deutsch | english